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Posted by Farmer on May 11, 2010 at 01:26:32

In Reply to: Re: Taking bets posted by Thorwald on May 06, 2010 at 11:00:00:

2) They will become little more than a loosely-associated and almost entirely "mainstream Church".

A current member thinks the second option comes true/already happening...mainstream church is in quotation marks...very good...since it's confirmed, that some members...if not leadership anyway (although they say otherwise publicly) still are fond of FFing...still are "addicted" to the old wine...that is veeeeery far from mainstream and I always doubted, they will forsake that much...rather I thought they will be like John Paul Jones...ship sinking...head bloody...but unrepentant....

I think they will be a loosely-associated group of well/evil doers...doing evil well???...for me since longer...kind of "neo-gnostic", with so much baggage, they won't forsake...all their "precious" TF-files...they spent so much money on/tithe etc.

It's the trick we used in litnessing...people keep and most likely read what they spent money it's the evil magician in their garden/hearts...the files/letters...they can't live without...are addicted too...keep and practice as much as possible...

It's a faith-thing

As long as they don't do some book/DVD-burning...they will be around... albeit not in the numbers/the power they dreamt of.

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