You live with your choices

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Posted by WC on June 09, 2010 at 05:34:50

In Reply to: Re: By all means, let it out posted by AndyN on June 07, 2010 at 04:14:00:

NOTE: This post was lightly edited and reposted 4 hours after the original.

You wrote: "Based on what facts you may have, as far as I am concerned, rule as seems good to you. Either way is equally fine with me.
Am I in or out of what? TFI? Frankly, I try to keep a safe distance from anything that remotely smacks of cultism, by whatever name and appearance…"

Your refusal to speak plainly about your TFI membership leaves a lot to be desired. I can only draw the conclusion that you are in, but on some level, you must be quite undecided.

You speak against "cultism," but it can be all very nice to play with words and pretend you are something you are not. We, as ex-members, have all been there and done it. While I am not trying to define "ex-member" per se, when you are a genuine real-deal ex-member, many things come along with the set. You are lacking in that respect.

What is obvious is that you fail to make provision for the fact that ex-members who have left the cult in body and mind would naturally be disturbed by, disavow and take a stance against the cultic mindset—one of the main manifestations of that mindset being dishonesty to self and others about who we really are. When we leave, it's like a natural instinct to shed falsehood, to liberate ourselves from living in hiding, living a lie, to regain our sense of self and self-worth for who we really are—one of the first things we do is stop obfuscating our true loyalties. You clearly have none of these inclinations.

In this exer crowd, we, who have all once been part of the TFI PR machine, who used to live dishonestly and on the coy about who we really were, who have had a hand in invading the churches and pretending to be this-and-that charity worker, who know all about the Deceivers Yet True doctrine, who have labored for years with telling only partial truths in layers—we of all people, would certainly have trouble with someone refusing to state openly where they are coming from. Yet you persist with double-speak.

While we allow for anonymity on our site, we do not allow for ambiguity bordering on mind games, and that is stated in our rules and guidelines. We do not allow for misuse of anonymity to create false grassroots consensus, to lend a "voice" to something you are not actually a part of, i.e. pretending to be a ex-member offering an "ex-member but pro-TFI apologetic voice." We do ask that people be honest. If asking people to be honest with themselves and each other on this site is "cultic," then what can I say? All I can say is you fail to appreciate the ineluctable ex-member mindset of deploring anything resembling the practice of Deceivers Yet True, because you haven't left in body and/or mind.

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