"FOR THE RECORD" by Juliana Buhring

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May 30, 2010

The cult is now as good as dead in the water, with membership so low, that Zerby and Kelly have had to institute a form of dispansion, whereby they are practically just a church, and members can live normal lives in society like anyone else. The cult as it was no longer exists, and in this at least, we have won! The infamous Children of God/Family International, notorious for its crimes against children and evasion of justice, have been brought to their knees by the same victims they tried to silence, their own children who they humiliated, violated, tortured and forced into submission, whose minds they filled with fear and lies. Like Frankenstein’s monster, their great experiment went terribly wrong, and had the opposite effect of what they intended. The children they discarded when they wanted the freedom to think for themselves, turned into the enemy who the cult would come to fear most. There were many heroes who came and went in the fight for justice, none more or less important than the rest, all of us marked the groove that felled the tree.

Every time one of us decided to leave and make a life for ourselves outside of the only structure and society we knew, we loosened their grip. Every time we not only survived but made a success of our lives, we proved them wrong and gave our brothers and sisters the courage to leave. Every time we took in or tried to help a friend or sibling get set up on the ‘outside’, we showed our humanity was greater than theirs. Every time one of us spoke out for justice and for the truth, the cult withered just a little more. When thousands of us joined movingon.org to find solidarity, and when our shared stories revealed frightening evidence of the crimes against humanity for which the leaders were responsible, when this growing awareness turned into a storm in the media, the cult’s days were numbered. When Ricky Rodriguez, son and heir to the throne committed murder/suicide, it took such an outstanding tragedy for the world to sit up and take notice. When ‘Not Without My Sister’ hit the bookshelves around the world, and ‘Cult Killer’ and ‘The Children of God – Lost and Found’ aired on international television, the history that they had fought so hard to white wash and rewrite was displayed in all its original horrific form. What had once been whispered behind closed doors was shouted from the rooftops and their image irreversibly and permanently destroyed.

American psychologist John Watson said, "Give me a dozen healthy infants, well-formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in and I'll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select...regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations and race of his ancestors." If this is true, children born into an isolated environment, outside of social norms and stigmas, conditioned and raised to believe and behave a certain way from the time they were born, shouldn’t these children then grow into the perfect cult adherents? This was certainly the plan when members of the Children of God cult started having babies. Here were fresh, empty slates to write upon, with no prior knowledge of life outside the group, right and wrong, good and evil. All thought processes, impulses and inclinations could be manipulated and molded to create the ideal followers of their twisted dogma. Yet, at the age of 23, I walked out of the only lifestyle I knew, through the looking glass and into a brand new world. Within a decade 95% of my generation had done the same. This mass exodus of their second-generation spelled the beginning of the end for the infamous cult The Children of God.

Many had tried to bring about their downfall, yet the cult had always proved resilient, changing names, locations and practices to stay one step ahead of their detractors. No one could have predicted that their end would come at the hands of their only future insurance policy- their children. My generation who were 'destined' to become 'prophets and saviors of mankind', heirs to a kingdom our parents fought and sacrificed to create, Jesus’ little soldiers grew into the force that would destroy them. In essence, the cult birthed its own destruction. If this is any proof that despite all pre-conditioning, manipulation, and indoctrination, it is possible to find your own mind, and the strength to choose your life, desires and path, then we are that proof. We are the children who chose to fight for a life that is free of the trauma they inflicted on our innocence. We fought to build new lives that are true and honest. We fought to find reasons to continue to exist despite what we lived through, to find beauty, truth and happiness. We fight every day of our lives to find our freedom in this life. We are strong, interesting, intelligent individuals with a thirst for life and knowledge - testament to the fact that no matter how much you try to suppress and crush the human mind and spirit, it will rise up and fight back. We lost many of our siblings and friends to this fight, but in the end, we have triumphed.

We live to see the end of the Family International.

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