may I ask/differentiate???

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Posted by Farmer on July 21, 2010 at 13:21:34

In Reply to: Re: I agree: it is a non-religious space posted by Coordinator on July 21, 2010 at 05:50:17:


Jelwz wrote.
1) I thought this board was a non religious area.

2)... don carries on about his religious beliefs...

I have a little problem with 1)...before we get into a webster-type-of-def. what religion is...thus religion-free zone/area...
I want to say what I sense sometimes the exaggeration seems for me to be...any mentioning of God is getting a big frown/ protest if not openly..may be secretivly???...hopefully I am wrong...for the MO-letters are full of the 3 letter word...

and I firmly think, that one should be able to quote on GenX doctrinal stuff with lots of consequences for us and others then even now and what, if the quote contains the 3 letter-word???...e.g. I research a lot right now about the problem of sacral prostitution in ancient times...for Berg exploited that scheme...if it existed (many researchers want to question that now since about 10/20 years)...but FFing had huge implications for all of us who lived then in TFI and that can be a religious subject??...and for the doctrinal issue alone it should be on journeys???pls. clarify...

Another thing, where I feel really with Jewlz is: she started the thread and then it kind of is double-sad

last not least...point 2 should be really off...we all should know belongs to journeys

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