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Posted by Farmer on August 05, 2010 at 01:10:53

In Reply to: Re: Mene posted by Jewlz on August 04, 2010 at 23:57:34:

I hope someone has a better memory or more studying up-time...anyway from the little I remember and being said elsewhere...I think, that they accused her of being on some "pride-trip"...having been so successful before as a singer at MWM...which I actually doubt, that pride-thing...I think they couldn't stand anyone with some personality...interpreted as pride...when people don't immediately play the slave...(stupid actors in the upper household)

and then they started this accusation of her playing some mindgames...accusing her later of being possesed??!!

What really got Berg in the "dumps" or rather infuriated is, that she dared criticising him either directly or in some comment on paper or whereever...about drinking too much alcohol..exception for the "prophet"...when the normal TFers had the wine-quota...

just the plain truth...

I am sure the Family inquisition-group found something else, which I don't remember

Would be wonderful, to hear about her again...her brother said quite a lot on movingon...those days...I don't know how someone can live a life having memories like that...same goes for the Fritzl or Kampusch cases

She must have gone through "upper" hell, being sexually abused and then beaten up like was for many the turning (away) point...even for Ricky...I think

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