Merry Christmas to you all - and then some...

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Posted by on December 25, 2010 at 06:09:02

Since no one else had the idea thus far, I’ll take the spotlight and wish all participants here a hearty Merry Christmas and a healthy, prosperous and blessed New Year.

2010 definitely was a game changer as far as TFI is concerned with the group virtually disintegrating and dissolving into mainstream Christianity (I can hear Don howling at that notion…) and partial oblivion. This will affect this and other websites too, of course, as the canon-fodder for anti-TFI sentiment has been greatly reduced by the recent family reboot.

Good riddance, I’d say, the group just forestalled its natural collapse and demise, by shrouding all this into some sort of victory and liberation. Officially they still expect thousands to come flocking into their fold now that the boundaries are expanded and the walls have fallen…

On another front, Peter just issued a lengthy statement on why WS can’t support and pay aging TFI members, by doling out some sort of retirement. Of course, this will not apply to him and Zerby… :-) It was an interesting read, I must admit...

Anyway, I’ve just been handed the complete cache of (Wiki)leaked TFI official writings since the reboot, by a disloyal whistleblower. Quite amazing stuff actually. A real melt-down and total turn- around from previously held positions.

I’m also getting reactions from formerly gung-ho FGAs and SGAs who now are feeling betrayed and kicked out into the cold.

One young man, who spawned six kids, even though barely in his thirties, wrote me in deep disappointment. “I’ve always followed the latest new wine, lived ‘go for the gold’ – now they discourage communal living. Where will I get my childcare helpers from?” Well….

Another FGA who has always been in top standing, and fanatically embraced the highest level of membership throughout the years, came by recently. He’s been working in Africa and things are falling apart for him now, physically and spiritually. “I just don’t know what to believe anymore”, were his last words to me.

Yet another FGA, who has had bad health for years on end, ask me for financial help. He was highly regarded as a crafter of doctrine and a writer for Activated and has lived up until now in a communal situation. Because of the reboot the home is falling apart now and he has no place to go – literally! He has pissed off all his kids by putting religion before being a responsible father (like sooo many) and will not get any support from them. His world is literally falling apart…

Anyway, just a few retrospective glimpses for those of you interested in what is happening in the Family world. Let’s hope that those sincere members worth rescuing will find a way to gracefully bow out and find a way to make a living and have sustenance. Let’s also hope that their eyes will open up and that they will scrutinize their leadership and apply the Emperor’s New Clothing paradigm to judge them and condemn them with.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


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