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Posted by Farmer on December 26, 2010 at 12:36:48

In Reply to: Re: Merry Christmas to you all - and then some... posted by Observer on December 25, 2010 at 06:09:02:

Belated merry Christmas to you too...thanks for filling us in...some things about TFI are mega-predictable.How could they support the aging FGAs??...not even the governments around the world and the sometimes pretty miserably controlled private pension/shareholder-funds can deliver what they ones promised...oh well, one gets something...but it's a lot on/by borrowed money from future generations...let's see how that works out for us...(just got to know, that a friend of mine lost some 30000$ in the I am glad I don't have much which could crash ; ) )

So please extend my sympathies to whomever you meet nowadays...for whoever is disillusioned by now...

I hope they know it's better now than even later.

If you have to start anew without any help/communal living...well, that is cannot legislate social living for ages on an unsound income basis...meaning just preaching the gospel TFI way in a more and more secular world with the history of TFI is just not the smartest thing to do.

In the good old book it says to work with your own hands...isn't the worst in may be they can just be thankful for all their healthy kids and can start to provide for them a better future.

It's a bit of a journeys-subject...I try to get @ it if possible...what else they can provide their kids with...but most of all, they got to choose it themselves

May be the winddown is more tragic then we realise on the thank you for informing us.In any way I feel like being say, that one can make it, though it's definetely hard, but the younger the better it seems...unless you have pretty good resources

And with growing age it's also about having not a disastrous departure from this life...I figure more and more

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