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Posted by Farmer on February 12, 2011 at 10:52:44

In Reply to: Re: Another correction? posted by Visitor on February 11, 2011 at 10:54:35:

Thanks for visiting..pls. keep visiting...if you have the thankful for the contributions

I agree with your resumee...find it very reasonable...(amazing though, how little they now emphasize, where they are coming from...Berg that is...almost like being ashamed??!!...or for letting sleeping dogs lay..)

One thing I don't get...may be it was already covered in the reboot-comments...I faintly remember.Did TFI-leadership allow to study anything one fancies (for the elcet, that is) or what furthers/stabilizes the group, in terms of moneymaking.I kind of doubt, that they want to take up the rest of the churches theo-logically...would be very learned in it..the study of 2-3 old languages or any way it would be the age factor and facilities etc....but may be I am wrong here.Commerce and the communication-faculties seem probable, what is your knowledge/experience??

The thing about perverse teachings:...if one really hates/dislikes them, I think one leaves out of protest the group and also for it's past...I do believe in giving people a chance, but they have not really openly broken with the past and shown deep remorse...therefore I am afraid, there might be further "skeletons" in the all entered like bad weed and IMO is not eradicated...hard to say when & where, how much it will pop up or being used for abuse again.

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