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Posted by Visitor on February 12, 2011 at 16:50:07

In Reply to: Re: Another correction? posted by Farmer on February 12, 2011 at 10:52:44:

They must keep their mythologies and will not brake with their past. I doubt they this first wave (for over 10 years of studies and experience collection now) were allowed total freedom to study. For what I hear it is mostly related to business, finances, administration and communication. They are moving into letting them get secular jobs as well. Their main thrust, however, remains "doing god's work", which means anything that enhances their opportunities to make money for the group.

In other words, they are formalizing their status of a religious business. The emphasis is in business, like other religious businesses, including your neighborhood's Christian bookstore.

Children of non-privileged families who are less educated may opt for or be more inclined to get other types of education but I suspect that the emphasis at the top is about business practices.

So on a way, as the cult image changes and vanishes as what we used to know, it gains strength in many more ways and is becoming something else. That is what I compared it to a chameleon, but I think it is more accurate to see it as the snake that is shedding old skin. The old skin are those people who were "serving" for years and generations in the field and did not have the financial support to have free nannies, cooks and all that support personnel. They were always disposable and became even more so with this new reboot.

Curiously, the old WS people took their place and became not foot soldiers. Even though the old WS may have be disbanded, they need infrastructure to function so they have to have people doing some of those jobs - probably more efficiently now.

I have to go but I wish those who have some contact with TF, as MG does, keep digging out. Berg may be gone at this point but in private the sexual doctrines continue to be part of their beliefs and behavior.

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