It hardly deserves my time, but here....

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Posted by Observer on April 06, 2011 at 06:55:38

In Reply to: Re: A word of wisdom for you... posted by Skep on March 23, 2011 at 22:18:02: go:

"Sleeper cells"? - Absolute malarkey, totally inappropriate comparison. They have nothing even remotely like it

"sending people back to the USA" - Also, total BS, they're not sending anyone. members have for years now decided on their own movement. They have even disbanded WS selah units.

"with ex-family where it is safer" - What in heaven does that mean...?

"they're staying connected with the youth through DTR (sex and volleyball" - there are no such programs anywhere on the horizon. Total fiction!

"14 years old serving Jesus with their genitals" - this is so absurd a statement it hardly deserves comment.

CONCLUSION: Yes, he is wasting our time, including yours, by living decades in the past and babbling nonsense...


Looks Like the Family is moving away from Commune based living and creating SLEEPER CELLS, sending people back to the USA with "ex-family" where it is safer. They are staying connect with the youth through "Discipleship Training Programs"(underage sex and vollyball). What 14 year would not what to serve the lord with their genitals?

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