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Posted by Skep on April 07, 2011 at 14:13:45

In Reply to: Re: It hardly deserves my time, but here.... posted by Observer on April 06, 2011 at 06:55:38:

Dear Observer, I hope my response to you didn't upset you. That was not my intention, and if it did, I am sorry. What happened is that several points in the message from Perfilio ring true to me. Here are my comments to the points you negate:

"Sleeper cells"? - Absolute malarkey, totally inappropriate comparison. They have nothing even remotely like it

I sort of agree with you to a point but now they disguise themselves as not-for profit Corporations and Foundations that do Social Services. They hide their real objectives and doctrines until later. This sound like a good definition of a "sleeper cell".

"sending people back to the USA" - Also, total BS, they're not sending anyone. members have for years now decided on their own movement. They have even disbanded WS selah units.

I agree with you, this is a bit far-fetched in that they don't send people out, but they sure suggest areas for them to go and forbid them to go into other places. You can just pack and move freely as long as you have been accepted at the other end. Otherwise, you are on your own, with no contact and basically shunned out. This is true even if you send they your tithe.

"with ex-family where it is safer" - What in heaven does that mean...?

Who knows - maybe he/she has trouble writing, which makes the message more credible.

"they're staying connected with the youth through DTR (sex and volleyball" - there are no such programs anywhere on the horizon. Total fiction!

Actually, maybe with other names, but there are events all over the world to give people opportunities to meet. How long ago did you say you left? I left more than 20 years ago and it looks like I am more up to date than you.

"14 years old serving Jesus with their genitals" - this is so absurd a statement it hardly deserves comment.

I guess you have no idea how real this is.

CONCLUSION: I stand by my words. I hope Perfilio posts more.

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