Peter Puppet...and his laetrile treatment

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Posted by Farmer on April 22, 2011 at 06:01:37

Due to a short discussion initiasted by a friend of mine @ so called Vitamin B 17 (found seeds of almonds etc.) and it's supposed effectiveness ...and whether I could find out something about it in the internet...I just wanted to ask if someone remembers his diet??
My friend believes the diet should work...may be he thinks of the Koger version...the "most natural version" just grapes...but not the pill-version???

Does anybody remembermore??? or any comment...I must admit...I think... that nature can have quite some resources to help you...but all this processing is often not very advantageous...except maybe when it comes to minerals etc.

Berg's comment:

1. THAT LAETRILE METHOD IS A METHOD THAT HAS BEEN DEBUNKED BY THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION AS HOCUS-POCUS & IS EVEN ILLEGAL IN THE U.S.! The only positive thing the Mayo Clinic in the U.S. said about it was that it wouldn't hurt you in normal dosages, not that it was a cure for cancer. All reputable organizations that have anything to do with cancer have declared it absolutely worthless as a cure, except possibly of some use in making feel a little better psychologically. And he's paying that much for it? That's ridiculous!

3. [DELETED] They're just absolutely throwing the money away, it's ridiculous! The most effective natural treatment against cancer that I ever heard of & that has been proven by actual experience & recommended highly by Dr. Koger & used by him, is the all-grape diet, nothing but grapes.--Any kind of grapes, all kinds of grapes, but nothing but grapes day & night!

6. NATURAL HEALING IS ONE THING, LIKE I SAID ABOUT THE GRAPE DIET, BUT I DON'T CALL THIS NATURAL HEALING! All those shots & treatments & pills & doctors & hospitals, that's not natural! (Maria: Even though some say it's natural, it's depending on something other than the Lord. You're still putting your faith in something other than completely in the Lord, even if you go on a grape diet!)

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