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Posted by long time exer on September 30, 2011 at 15:40:28

In Reply to: Re: To Long Time Exer and Farmer posted by A a a c on September 30, 2011 at 12:48:27:

My answer would have been the same regarding the issue of abuse. My question about whether you were in the Family is because reading the mission statement of this site, it was created for people who have been members or who currently are members and working on getting out. By your post, I am not sure if you were ever in or you are relating to the pain that so many experienced inside the family and some experienced prior to joining. In knowing whether you were ever a part, or you were a part of some other HD group/cult, or you were a victim of a molester in general, would possibly change the resources I would refer you to. That is why I asked.
As far as child molesters go, sometimes people (like Watchman) were pressured to do things they would never have done otherwise, but more often than not I suspect that those who were involved in molesting children within the Family had that inclination for the most part. There is no cure for a child molester (yet), but yes, it is possible for some to be in remission with lots of work and by not putting themselves in a position where they are likely to re-offend (like working at a place where children congregate, taking a baby-sitting job, volunteering for Sunday School assistance). I have known of far too many people that have these tendencies, who go to church, repent and then prey on children in the congregation. I don't care what someone's religion is or isn't. Certainly being "born again" or feeling remorseful for deviant behavior is not going to arrest the urge. Not necessarily the actions either. Again, I am sorry for your experience and I am glad that you are getting some help.

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