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Posted by A a a c on September 30, 2011 at 12:48:27

In Reply to: Re: What to do? posted by long time exer on September 28, 2011 at 17:13:21:

Thank you for your replies.

Everything you are telling me, is it all in light of my having been in TFI and because all sexual abusers in TFI deserve to be exposed? What if this had nothing to do with TFI? Suppose it was a blood relative like a cousin or uncle, and suppose the daughter and grandson were my relatives, would your advice be any different?

Yes, I am worried about what will happen to the daughter and grandson, even how my abuser will take it if he finds out what he has done has been exposed to the world. Even if his daughter was one of his victims, which I hope not, she may still not want the world to know about her father. But you are right, even if that were true, it is her choice to keep it a secret and she cannot decide for me what my reaction or healing process should be.

It is very sad that child molesters don't get cured. I read that they can sometimes, with great discipline, resolve not to follow their predatory impulses. I know that my abuser is very remorseful and religious so there is a chance he has truly repented. But I will never know. That's between him and his Jebus.

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