Communal living & the "Reboot"

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Posted by on September 27, 2011 at 03:09:56


the communal living (definition: people living together under one roof) used to be a practical expression typical for the belief system of the Family. However, about 10 months ago a Swedish researcher observed th following:

"Changing the legislation that all FD members must live communally does not mean that this manner of living is totally rejected. Rather, it means that Family members are free to form their own living arrangements as they wish and that communes previously known as Family Centres will now be seen as private homes of members. There will be no rules concerning communal living as it is seen as a personal choice in conformity with the Reboot as a whole.
Several of the interviewed informants reported having broken up their larger communes in favor of smaller ones or of nuclear family setups. Some had broken up their large combo-structure and rented apartments in the same suburb or area, others related to this as being common, especially throughout the first generation members. Some were waiting as the groups leadership has stated that additional instructions will be published in January or February. The breaking up of larger communal homes seems to have been, at least in some areas, an ongoing process in the last two years."

So how much communal living still remains today?

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