Invasion of the apologists?

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Posted by Thinker on November 24, 2011 at 07:47:12

In Reply to: Re: Prophecy and the "reboot" theology posted by Joseph Stockett on November 21, 2011 at 16:36:22:

You don't come across as being very knowledgable of TFI at all. Either that, or you are TFI and wish to slip in some disinformation. Actually, prophecy was a minor issue, compared.

The weakest link turned out to be the concept of the cult itself: self-righteous elitism (we're the only Christians truly following Jesus) coupled with secrecy and manipulation from the onset (doling out privileged "selah" information the deeper you got in, as in, "are you spiritually committed and mature enough to handle the truth?"), cover-ups (suicide of Berg's son Aaron, Berg's sexual appetite and incest with his daughters, etc), creating false reports of grand accomplishments to live off of society ("Drop Out," "spoil Egypt," "Make It Pay," etc), prostitution (FFing), irresponsible sex without regard to consequences on offspring (Jesus babies), the idea that you can lie your way through and rewrite history ("Deceivers yet True"), the siege mentality (the "System" is out to get you), and so forth.

If anything, their offspring turned out to be their weakest link, in the sense that they came and bit them back right in the behind. Just look at the mass exodus of the second generation! This, despite the fact that they did everything they could to mold them into becoming the "future of the movement." They are the proof that TFI is an untenable concept. They are the ones who forced change on the cult.

The Family International will never be in the "theological mainstream of Reformation Christianity," because that cannot be accomplished through cover-ups and lies, and the stubborn refusal to make reparations for the past. The least Peter and Maria could do is return the millions of dollars they swindled out of TFI members and the public, and surrender themselves and other child abusers to authorities with a full confession of their crimes. I'm sorry, but it will take weeks, if I have to list out everything for you.

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