I thought I let him off easy...

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Posted by Observer on November 25, 2011 at 14:20:07

In Reply to: Re: Understandable, but posted by Coordinator on November 24, 2011 at 20:58:17:

... after him pontificating on the virtues of Bonny & Clyde. Honestly! But, yes, I'm confrontational in nature and rarely take sh.t - if it is proven bull.

I met Mr. Pete during a recent European fellowship. The whole scene was bizzare and pathetic. The only older generation folks left are mostly scurile die-hards, curiously more woman than men. Most of them struck me as excentric misfits - really weired folks - kind of like Mr. Joe. Most all of them are on some kind of social help or dependent on "tool" distribution for their finances.

At one point I was asking a guy, who I happened to come across, where the pool was. He seemed puzzled and then replied with a mysterious sort of expression "I can't tell you. But I think you need to cross the Jordan to get there..."

Another guy, who admitted to have been at TSC already, came up to me and said: "Brother, there is sin in the camp. David would not approve of this. There are schisms here, people following idols and false doctrines..." Wow! Some weired crowd!

The young folks who are still around are treating TFI more like a social club. They really couldn't care less about doctrine or past, but were there to network with old friends etc. But when confronted, even in a mild way, with some facts, they are still very defensive, or at the very least, uncomfortable and looking for a way to quickly end the conversation.

Most everyone is falling into the trap of paying big money for getting "Life Coach" certificates to some business-minded brethren who seem to have a monopoly on certification of this thing. It's kind of the new way of witnessing for a majority of TFI. They hope to make monesy with it too, but only very few actually do.

Another big "cult inside the cult" is that many people following the teachings of some new pseudo-Christian healing apostle. For the life of me, I can't remember his name. Perry Culver came to mind, but I googled it and that's not it... But I think it's pretty close...

The guy travels around the world initiating people into divine spiritual healing and a lot of TFI members went hook line and sinker for it. Of course it also costs. But after the Keys apparently didn't work out as wonder weapons, many are searching for different "power tools" now outside TFI. They have always been about power, or being better than others. Now that there is no power left and nobody talks of keys and whatnot anymore, they're like junkies looking for a new fix.

Anyway, just rambling on here. I hope that's what you were fishing for.

Be good,

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