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Posted by Coordinator on December 14, 2011 at 18:11:21

In Reply to: Re: unfortunately that triggers some more questions posted by Farmer on December 14, 2011 at 17:14:50:

"FGA/SGA/outsider" refers to the generation of member or the issue of whether they are outsiders and therefore unfamiliar with what is really going on.

"In or out" refers to whether people who claim to be ex-members are truly ex-members or still in the cult.

So, for example, if some like CS posts a question about "Xmas," it is not entirely necessary to know whether this person is "FG" or "SG." By context this person is obviously an ex-member. But if it were not obvious, CS' question about "Xmas" still does not warrant anyone needing to determine if CS is an outsider in order to answer the question.

However, if CS claims to be an ex-member but then posts something that is pro-TFI or apologetic about TFI and minimizes Berg's abuse and so on, and the valid question comes up about whether CS is actually in or out, if CS then refuses to speak plainly, but answers questions with questions, etc, then CS would be considered "not being straightforward."

We take the stance that people who have left should say so plainly and "act" so, because we are biased and most in favor of ex-members who have left the cult behind in body, mind and spirit. Although people all process their exits differently, we have never favored any para-COGs or half-in-half-outs. When we were starting up this site, there was an abundance of para-COGs, some who claimed to be out but tried to re-recruit ex-members rejoin and eventually rejoined the cult themselves. There was a whole lot of Deceivers Yet True going on. We also had people retraumatizing ex-members by posting on boards with their TFI style.

Does this make any sense to you?

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