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Posted by Farmer on December 14, 2011 at 19:45:52

In Reply to: Re: Context is everything posted by Coordinator on December 14, 2011 at 18:11:21:

However, if CS claims to be an ex-member but then posts something that is pro-TFI or apologetic about TFI and minimizes Berg's abuse and so on, and the valid question comes up about whether CS is actually in or out, if CS then refuses to speak plainly, but answers questions with questions, etc, then CS would be considered "not being straightforward."

We take the stance that people who have left should say so plainly and "act" so,...

Does this make any sense to you?...All that makes much sense...also the need to protect the site and thank you for it...

I take that to mean...regarding my prior question...whether anyone after process of "evaluating a poster", I'd say...could come forward and challenge the clarify things....that in fact anyone could do that??!!

I too feel like that, that real Exers should plainly say so and act upon that...though I made myself the "grievous" experience, that after much posting over the years here...I was still considered by at least one as "cohorting" (my wording in relativate) with TFI...I see I can't prevent people from misreading me...reading much between the lines and not reading old posts...may be too much asked...

Anyway...thanks for everything and all the best in these times for you all

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