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Posted by Farmer on December 21, 2011 at 18:03:10

In Reply to: Re: Speaking of 1984 posted by Skep on December 14, 2011 at 17:38:03:

all the best to know...I was born into the Lutheran church...they have confirmation with @ 14 and I really had no clue, what it was all about...though we got some training...the pastor asked us to choose a verse for that event.

I hardly ever touched the Bible and found it quite a challenge.The old one of my grandparents had the nice feature of highlighting...bold print...the "nicest" verses...I don't remember how long I looked...then I stopped in "respect/awe" for Romans 8:28
...there are some things we won't understand while being still on this miserable world and there are some other things we get quite a good glimpse of...I believe, that our own personal puzzle will make sense to of these that regard I wish you really all the best...cordially ..Farmer

About the blame thing...even if you can't figure out exactly who has to take the blame for what...I thought it to be wisest to just accept paying the bill in a restaurant...I mean...nobody will contradict you...if you make fun of yourself...if you take the blame etc...have you noticed? that attitude rather "makes friends"...and basically we are all in the same boat....some things I knew deep in my heart were wrong...from lieing...stealing too...not to speak of murder...for other loyalty in marriage can get later an idea...not everyhing was instilled to us from childhood.

In that regard...the failure of TFI is also the failure of the society...not being taught aright from the beginning.

I regard myself a bit like a laboratory...some things I find out by experience...the other by plan/verdict/ takes some planning to prevent explosions...but those happened for real also in the best university-laboratories...

To me Rom 8:28 is a very big comfort...I forgot about that...until I had entered TFI

and one thing we do learn through hardships is empathy with others...and I like to think, that you're one of those, who can really feel with certain kinds of people and their hardship...

I had my own experiences before in and after TFI and with that not many can understand me...hardly anyone...and every now and then that experience becomes useful...interacting with others

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