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Posted by Farmer on December 21, 2011 at 22:45:10

In Reply to: Re: TFI and the Lima sydrome???? posted by Farmer on December 21, 2011 at 17:03:01:

which I didn't read before posting the above,my reaction is much too harsh...sorry for that, pls forgive me

...may be I am too much on the defense-"mission"...when it's actually everybody themselves, having to make sense out of their own lives...

Now this has little to do with any of your posts:

one thing seems to always peeve me, when individual experiences got generalised to the point, that it became "axiomatic" that TFI was everywhere and everytime the same (besides some pretty common factors, probably standard assumption) I also said to Perry

...the problem is...nobody has made any "research" about it & we are just assuming about the past...nobody can say how it was everywhere, at every second...but people can share what they experienced and those many many many experiences plus the letters/doctrines are already bad enough...that is more than plenty for being against TFI.

I "hate" to generalise...when this stuff is more complicated/complex than math and physics...where you're bound to generalise...all those assumptions are in the range of probability-math...yet that math allows for exceptions...if you know what I mean.

This is my personal observation/stance and apparently I am running in for trouble for that here???

The reason why I am saying the above is, that there was a time and probably still is, it was widely assumed, that teens ...children got abused about everywhere in TFI...I used to reason on the boards: that since I have not experienced any of it ...seen must have been behind closed doors...and then of the parents...not everyone had a childcare-helper...yet my argumentation was not really accepted, it seemed to me.

May be it was "chance"...or whatever...which kept me from all that. I said before...people themselves must find a way to have their lives figured out...getting clarity and comfort...and I said here in the last threads, I find it better for not blame anyone else for crimes less than sexual abuse of children...and how people live with that guilt...frankly I wouldn't know...neither do I know how the victims manage.

I can only hope, that some offenders open up to some people in therapy

The problem with TFIis, that it is very multifacetted...some good...which attracted us was mixed with lots of bad stuff of varying sweet coating for a bitter pill to swallow....but looking back we saw the bad fruits and therewith are certain, this couldn't have been the optimum...In a way we gave our time for a pretty bad experiment...and some suffered for it more than others...

whatever good really got accomplished in terms of "evangelisation"...who knows...lets hope...or my hope...that things were really not in vain...I would like to believe that still...I guess some would consider that as my weakness still...oh well...

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