TFI and the Lima sydrome????

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Posted by Farmer on December 21, 2011 at 17:03:01

In Reply to: Re: not in denial posted by long time exer on December 21, 2011 at 15:38:23:

O realllly...dear LTE...did it occur to you, that some left when they read "toxic"..."MO-letters????...I knew some, they gave that as a reason for not staying anymore...their moral compass couldn't take it any longer..

It seems a sour spot for you for getting so may be you look yourself into it.

Now if you think that all the hippie generation always had the very best morals...good night...I was them who relationships...drugs and a certain disdain for personal belongings were very common...that they were for peace and not for war...wonderful

I kind of belonged to that area...but actually not completely, I was a bit younger.

Using the Stockholm syndrome is IMO your moral appeasement...I looked it up in wikipedia and can't find too much resemblance with the politics in TFI and I told you about it and apparently you don't like it.

I think it even mentions the Lima -syndrome...where kidnappers out of sympathy let go most of their hostages TFI had the Lima-syndrome??? must be kidding...for all the time you could have gone...anytime...anywhere

Ever since I joined I treasured the letter: your declaration of independence...You could have gone...I could have gone long before...we didn't...

Part of is, you get used...habits...and all alone is also no fun and out there is the bad system...I guess I was too weak.

Anyway, what has my post to do with being in denial myself?...may be you can't afford reading too many posts of mine...that is your problem not mine...but I did write about what I am ashamed of and like I said to Skep...I didn't read too many confessions here or's always the top and blah, blah...of course it is...but not exclusively 100%...get it??

Corporal punishment happened also at the bottom...taking stuff from people, what leaders wanted...happened also at the bottom, returning stuff broken etc or not at all happened also at the bottom etc. etc....besides all the sexual if you are in agreement about that, then you haven't understood the Bible.

As long as the picture is: we at the bottom were good and they at the top weren't...I really think I have got an agenda here

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