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Posted by Farmer on December 22, 2011 at 06:42:51

In Reply to: Re: Berg, Hitler, Manson et al posted by long time exer on December 21, 2011 at 11:02:52:

This analogy with the underwear simply implies...that I wouldn't want to be called a Nazi..just because I happen to wear them as I assume he did wear that so difficult?

Neither would I want to be accused/considered of being Bergian just because I happen to use poor me in quotation-marks.I consider meanwhile the Exers to be similar excentric as the members...kind of some common trait...from one extreme to the next.

I give you another or poison...I couldn't care less after I left...I ate what I wanted and kind of thought...Berg was sooo I just think and do rather the opposite..Get what I mean??

Since about 8 months I quit eating any food having processed sugar in it...I found it to be much healthier for me..

Can you for a change get down from your almost religious anti-stance?Now if it helps you fine...

It's not my fault...if people make blanket statements here

...if e.g.TFI music was so horrible...which all say later...why did they join in the first place in the Poor-boy-clubs??...this is close to being bi-polar or whatever

I did claim that there were few good right things, which after some checking could be upheld as right...the food-part being one for don't have to agree if you don't feel like it...I just reasoned with Skep, that he published so many things often on the extreme opposite, that he was bound to be right at one time or another.does that make him good IMO??? really must be kidding...some people...I stated here before...they like to see themselves as the Anti-TFI-knights in shining armour...with always the best anti-stance...wording everything...I find this "hilarious"...because TFI went also from bad to worse thanks to our forsake-all...turning in inheritances...what do the deceased think of it?...and through our tithe etc.
That was right and good in your eyes???

You don't have to look for any special skeletons...I did state here, that not everywhere TFI seemed to have the same policies instilled, but what we did while in was enough to keep them going...I don't think you manage to differentiate my thinking...for your conclusions about me are definitely still in want.

...ever thought of those lone pioneer-couples???
Today I think they were the better ones...avoiding sharing at least and a whole lot of other stuff.

The last is somewhat a shame for you..and your way of reasoning...I take the moral offenses super serious and you have no right to outplay your disdain against mine about that...I uphold, that my disdain for these crimes are of your level...shame on you for posing yourself here as the better oppositionist.

That was never the in the thread...
point was/is...that if your moral or someone elses compass didn't signal "totally off" reading toxic letters about sex...then why didn't you and I leave sooner?I consider that being part of our Hippie-background of not caring enough about certain morals...the following words are just as normal for any exer...including didn't write up anything special...

"I see David Berg as portraying "good" but being rotten to the core- through and through. I see him as a monster who was a child molester before he even ever started the family, then he tried to normalize things like prostitution, child molestation, incest. So no, I don't care if he wore underwear or not, if he gave "sound" sermons he plagiarized, or whatever. Neither Hitler or Berg presented as obvious "evil" but they were charismatic which is why they had followings. Their inner core manifested with time. Certainly he did not present as being about all that he later made doctrine and/or practiced in his household, but I can tell you this, I am sick to death of religion of any sort, probably especially Christianity and that is likely why I'll stay away. Not because of some big secret that needs to be confessed or a need for public repentance. Sorry, I don't have any big demons swept under my rug."

It doesn't have to be a big secret...I consider begging to be wrong...including getting visas by bribing...then sexual intercourse with others then the mate etc. my book that is wrong...the list got to be prolonged...the major ones coming to mind.

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