Re: Berg, Hitler, Manson et al

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Posted by Farmer on December 22, 2011 at 08:04:05

In Reply to: Re: Berg, Hitler, Manson et al posted by long time exer on December 21, 2011 at 11:02:52:

1. Out for a long time and would rather move on than keep reading threads like this.
2. Out for a short time and don't want to deal with the past by reading or posting things related to TF.
3. Aren't interested in the latest Bollywood or India Times news.
4. Don't want to go through the mental masturbation of what is or is not appropriate according to whatever is currently being discussed by whomever is discussing it according to however they assume it is "supposed" to be done.
You left TF and you find things that were of value that you see as being the good in Berg in spite of his flaws as a sinful human being who erred greatly and seriously.

There is apparently some naughtiness of you leaking through...point was, that those not posting anymore, were also reported as being sexual-offenders or not doing anything against it or both to hijack that theme as to why people aren't coming anymore to the board is a bit "rich" with your wild assumptions...probably fed only by your own imagination

Why I like TOI...I liked/like the people there and I rather post the news from them, than through a link of Herald Tribune or New York Post or what have you (with basically the same news, circling globally)...couldn't care less about thing you should realise, that not all people like to be "westernised"...with all the coming from America...TFI was one of it...smell the coffee?...& there is lots more and in the blogs of TOI lots of people remark on that unwanted westernisation..and in the movies...not all of them of still have values portrayed...long forgotten by seems you prefer the output of the latter movie production center?...I don't...for rare exceptions.

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