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Posted by Farmer on December 23, 2011 at 10:56:41

In Reply to: Re: Whoah! posted by Thinker on December 23, 2011 at 07:50:50:

If you feel this strongly, you should also be jumping on a number of other people, including Christians with whom you are quite cozy, who do not live up to your criteria for what constitutes "taking responsibliity" for their time in the cult. know more than me...would you like to be more're starting to disappoint me in your ways to present your "thinking"...would you mind to lift the veil...of whom you're speaking of...because I have had virtually no contact to exers over email except a couple of times with OT2, Observer who the heck do you mean???...This is not a very fine character to make such nebulous statements...leaving me to guess who those persons are supposed to be and those who are responsible or "too responsible"...seem out of reach to tell them

...and on this board...hello??? must be kidding???...Or do you mean I should tell the inside members of taking responsibility???...ok...that would be Farmer 2.0 ...if he finds time and commitment...If I had been in Observers shoes...I would have blasted Peter a bit more...frankly TFI cannot be my only "obsession"...but I am really curious...pls. now deliver what you "ordered yourself" and tell me some names...I think I can handle the surprise.

They pratically voice no regrets whatsoever, confess to no wrongdoings and do not consider they joined a sex cult either.

Ok names please and what is their address?? that is.

"Christians with whom you are quite cozy"
...and with those I am not cozy...I would like you to refrain from such language...thank you...I go once a week to a church which has had never anything to do with get that pls...

is that now the other side of Thinker...

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