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Posted by long time exer on December 27, 2011 at 10:36:53

In Reply to: Re: I can say the same about you, that you haven't understood posted by Farmer on December 27, 2011 at 03:22:27:

Do you feel better now? Values for everyone post family are not the same. One size does not fit all. For example, I think its healthier for people considering marriage to live together, out of wedlock, first. That way they know if they "fit" and don't have to get stuck in a miserable relationship because of religious belief when they are not compatible. Also, I have no problem if people choose to live with each other but don't want to ever be married. These are part of my value system.
I don't tell others they should have my values or that they are sinning if they don't.
Also, I think you got my point. At least to some degree, that what we operated on while in the family was for most- a result of living in a highly controlled environment with separations from some family, being sent to foreign fields, and a host of other things that were not so simple and did not encourage thinking independently or with a right mind, or the ability to just leave when exposed to something that went against what internal values we had. This was never something I argued as an excuse to not examine the past and do whatever is necessary to carry on with life and shed whatever was damaging, at least as much as possible. We were not all guilty of child molestation or abuse, and many of us did report what was occuring within after leaving and getting help. Still others engaged in something they never would have done had they not had a lot of pressure to do it. Then there were some who enjoyed and fed the skewed values they had before joining, enjoying that Jesus approved of it, or at least believe that while in. I don't know if you ever watched Savage Messiah about the cult leader in Canada that a domestic violence counselor intervened to help some who would get help. Some stuck with the rotten leader to the end, even opting for losing their children to stay with the abuser. So you see, we have varying stuff to deal with after TF. Where all this started between us was when you stomped on me with your poor me comment when I talked about Stockholm Syndrome symptoms and PTSD and began orating about the evils of FG as if you weren't one yourself.
I thought at one time you posted that you had relations with a minor at one time in the Family but she asked for it. I apologize if that is not the case. I don't accuse you, I just was stating that in that sort of case, the normal reaction that is sane would be to get help for the minor and not engage, period. But within the family, the normal reaction would be to seek that sort of thing out because of delusions and criminal insanity coming from the top and doing horrible things to followers including breaking up families, sending kids to family schools apart from parents, splitting up siblings, splitting up married couples, grooming women for prostitution and then turning them out, grooming children to be little sexual objects and the list goes on..what the Family was about.
IMO, the Family is not safe because some of the people involve in the worst behavior are still at the top, blaming it all on underlings and trying to erase the past and re-create the past to fit their agenda of surviving. Now they are supposedly resigned, but still revered, as is David Berg.
So, I wish you well, Farmer, but maybe it is a good idea to avoid each others posts.

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