Karen Zerby is responsible for the death of her son

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Posted by long time exer on July 09, 2012 at 00:50:54

In Reply to: Re: A good analogy on why TFI's existence offends me & others posted by Perry on July 08, 2012 at 17:48:59:

They are all liars.
What concerns me most is people that buy into those lies and ignore and do not want to hear the truth about the rotten cores at the heart of TFI and in the case of the Alabama church, what lies at the core of the white cross burning churches that would love to be able to lynch like in the good ole days.
Zerby is still revered mentor with her own history of pedophilia and incest and look, now they work with survivors of sex industry/trafficking, orphans etc. Building schools and providing food and clothes and "education" for kids when they denied many of their own children of a basic decent education, turned out women as prostitutes (and some men, too) and basically told older generation they are on their own while Zerby and close company have a nice nest egg, no doubt. Then there are the institutionalized children that endured sex sharing schedules, silence restrictions, imprisonment and hard labor resulting in many suicides including Zerby's own son. Oh, but FCF supports Family Cares or whatever it is called now as they work with child soldiers. Yeah. It's sickening at best. And if a person dances and uses proceeds to fund related works (related to TFI, FCF) they are feeding that beast because they have not disconnected completely and entirely from all doctrine, tithing, supporting of Karen and co. even if it is just in reading her verbal diarrhea or espousing her essence.
If someone is supporting TFI "Family Care" "Helping Hand" "Family Care Assistance" or whatever charity they are cloaked under, they may be helping some people but they are supporting a system built on the backs of many victims of serious abuse within the organization over its history and will continue to do that as long as the leaders blame others rather than come clean about their own individual past and current deviancies via sick, perverted doctrines birthed by Berg and Zerby.
Zerby can't come to terms with that because she has no conscience.

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