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Posted by ray on July 14, 2012 at 21:23:52

In Reply to: Re: ? some clarification posted by excog on July 14, 2012 at 15:10:55:

i appreciate the time you took to reply.

perhaps "nazi hunters' was a poor choice of words. but my thinking was that such an effort can consume ones life. personally, i am not sure if the intense effort and all consuming focus is worth dedicating the rest of ones life for. many survivors of the holocaust went on to live satisying lives, raising families, accepting that some perps had probably managed to skirt the law and were raising crops in so. america, but they would rather spend their lives putting the horrors behind them, than a quest to track down those scoundrels. that would have been my leaning.

it did take me quite awhile to "get" the picture. i will confess that the mental process was slow and painstaking. i cannot say i can totally put myself in the shoes of the worst victims. but in my circle of acquaintances, most of those have chosen to try and struggle forward. they are not interested in investing their remaining time on earth in what appears to be a quixotic quest to bring p,m etc to legal justice. in any case, it does not appear any viable realistic path to that end is feasible. if so... wouldn't it have happened by now? posting angry posts on i'net boards read by handfuls certainly doesn't seem likely to achieve the goal. if anyone has a different perspective, i would certainly be open. but i haven't read one yet.

BUT...the point of my post was about sga's just recently liberated to follow their own drummer. and perhaps raised after the most egregious abuse had ceased, choosing to remain in friendly relationship w/ their family/friends still more closely linked to the dying embers of tfi... i cannot personally see the point in lambasting them for what seems to be a healthy path to independence, and likely to evolve as time passes and a new perspective begins to awaken them. like all of humanity, their path will change as life happens, and it is likely even those diehards w/in will slowly awaken to the realities.

can you arrest someone? if so, you will not hear me whining. but so far... seems an unlikely scenario. sandusky, priests, etc were a very different scenario... one local, many witnesses, in usa, etc. i just can't see the how of it for tfi. so are sga's who weren't even victims of that type of abuse, to be scolded for maintaining friendly relations w/ relations? why not just encourage them to strive for happiness, grow in insight, and allow the maturation process to work things out?

i don't know rodney king, but i don't really see the paralell. i'm not suggesting "let bygones be bygones." there are at least a few people i might like to "make my day." but my post was simply in regards to the young lady who posted, and those in that boat. i doubt that the reaction here really helped her "see the light." personally, i wish her well. and love bollywood dancing as well.

hope you are well. ray

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