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Posted by excog on July 14, 2012 at 15:10:55

In Reply to: Re: ? posted by ray on July 13, 2012 at 22:52:07:

Dear Ray,

first of all, I bought and read your book. Very interesting. I appreciate the effort it must have taken to write all that.
I may post a review separately. :-)

Now addressing your post:

1) I understand what you mean and I agree in some cases what you say is valid.

2) I take issue with "Maybe someone feels called to a nazi hunt" - I find the expression excessive and it also minimizes the plight of the victims, we now know there are/were quite a few victims.

I remember years ago you were VERY SLOW in catching on to what some people and children went through and were going through, and used to make comments a la Rodney King...something like "oh c' shucks...can't we all get along? praise the lord...let's not talk about all these negative things!"

Now can you imagine the law enforcement system working in such a way? Uncle/Sandusky/Insert-name-here systematically used the 6-7-8 year old for sexual purposes?

Oh c'mon...that was 15-20 years ago - can't we all get along?...praise the lord.

Go tell this to the judge and jury and attorneys in the Jerry Sandusky case. It would be ludicrous, because there is a time for all things, and a *code of conduct* for various settings and situations. And if I well recall, in the letters to the Romans (I am trying to speak your language) we are exhorted to respect the laws of the land. Ro: 13-1-7
(But trust me, my grandmother could have told you this one without even knowing it was in the Bible. :-)

The question that I asked is very simple: are the people who committed crimes in TFI responsible, should they be held accountable? How should I feel in seeing on FB - in the friends lists- the face of the guy who used to sneak in my daughter's room at night and get her to suck his dick, or make her bleed in OTHER WAYS?

Someone like Ray says at this point: "Aw shucks, can't we all get along? is this a nazi hunt? this is history, why are you bringing this up again? It is more inspiring to talk about the Lord and all the good things...Phil. 4:8.

Ray, I am so sorry this is not of "good report" for you. Do you think there aren,t any Christians in law enforcement? They have such a tough job - they deal with this stuff day in and day out. Somebody has to.

Is somebody responsible for what Rick Rodriguez went through, and like him many others who were screwed (literally) and have died in search of justice and in despair, because FOR THEM there was no justice?

I was deeply thinking about this now that the American public opinion things seems to finally be shifting. Have you followed the Jerry Sandusky trial? Are you following the Penn State investigation? What about the priest who was recently convicted for covering up the crimes of other priests?

I agree with a blogger who wrote that perhaps even the Pope should come under scrutiny. I don't care that he is "the Pope" since it is known that he covered up the sexual abuse of children because this is the culture the Catholic church had created in its ranks, he should not be exempted from the scrutiny.

Now back to the TFI: I do realize that TFI represents a strong financial incentive for people to stay plugged in/favorable to them. Aside from the fact that many have close relatives still in the organization, their social (and at times financial) CAPITAL is mostly tied up in what is left of the group -- they do have activities that bring in a fair amount of money (tax exempt in the case of TFI.)

Now picture the young men in the Jerry Sandusky's trial. I was impressed by the respect the media showed not mentioning their names, but only numbers. That told me that something IS indeed shifting and we may be able to educate more people in lifting the stigma from the victim and move it where it belongs - on the perpetrators.

I understand you may not like this word either...not "nice and friendly" enough, but this is what a person who fucks or fuckED little kids is called out here. I hope using the right words does not offend your Christian sensibilities, but I gotta call it what it is. You can refer to the Ricky Rodriguez video for the exact details of the "abuse."

Now can you imagine, for example, the Sandusky victims on Facebook, and friends of their friends lists have Sandusky's smiling face on their walls? And everybody acts AS IF NOTHING EVER HAPPENED. Penn State officials also have their FB pages with Sandusky on it and they are all "Friends" - See no evil, hear no know how it goes. What happened to the kids in the showers or basements is never mentioned, the kids have grown up, everybody acts as a bystander.

And everybody seems fine, except that some of the victims (who were kids) may still struggle with trust issues, medical issues, depression issues, etc etc.

The ones who were instead able to heal and thrive - more power to them, and I am glad - are not part of my focus here.

I am very concerned about the ones who 1) died, often through suicide, and 2) the ones who TODAY still struggle with adjusting to a life where the effects of trauma is STILL very present (and not history) in their life while some form of justice looms distant or inexistent. Who will speak for them? Who remembers them? What should be learned from them and their stories?

And for the damage that IS history, do you think the perpetrators of abuses that amount to crimes - do you think they are/should be accountable, regardless?

This is a *moral* question, mind you. Moral questions have a way to transcend history, giving us a chance to learn - in the long run - how to become better human beings.

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