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Posted by FH on September 09, 2012 at 14:24:39

In Reply to: Re: To Farmer posted by Coordinator on September 09, 2012 at 10:08:04:

What I did read of ‘Farmer’, I agree with most, it often had a twist to it and a line of logic that often was/is hard to follow, but on a closer look usually he had a good point that often seem to go unnoticed, or ignored. Just my opinion on that.

You say you ‘didn’t take it too seriously’ because of the anonymity side of it. That would be by beef here, as I see such an accusation relevant legal name or not, and therefore under all circumstances to be taken seriously. The reason is the same as aforementioned, all readers may not know who the accused is, but some may, thus the person essentially is identified. Therefore it may affect an individual in ways that we will never know. Justice is not usually served that way.

If we for a moment picture that Farmer had responded in a cool and controlled manner some may have jumped on him for that alone, claiming that was indeed evidence he could be able to carry out such a crime, that it was all premeditated, etc etc. But he didn’t so he had to face the music from another side. It is pretty hard to respond correctly – for lack of a better term – to such allegations of a crime.

So, imo, if this was a case of frivolous or malicious slander it is indeed serious, and additionally so when the subject matter is a felony, but also a reflection back on the website, never mind the disclaimers. And I do not say that to play games…none of my comments here is gameplay nor out of a desire to provoke anyone.

To sum it up, all I am saying is, guilty perpetrators deserve to be brought to justice, no question about that. But it behooves us to step carefully when it comes to things of *this* nature, because we are dealing with real people’s lives. Legal action is of course not an option in this case, but otherwise we don’t know what door may have been pushed open.

But let me now hurry and say that I do know what you are up against as coordinators, it is not easy and things can get hot and heavy, as we have seen.

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