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Posted by FH on March 05, 2013 at 06:06:09

In Reply to: Re: YouTube? posted by Charlie on March 03, 2013 at 10:31:35:

I guess that is close to what I am saying, if I understand you correctly.
In the scripture necromancy is strictly forbidden, simply because this is trickery, magic and superstition, demonism etc, which has no place in christianity.
For precisely the same reason TFI is a movement not based on christian principles, which to a large degree are principles that limit us, that show us where the boundaries are. Berg was from the very beginning overly fascinated with the occult, paganism and idolatry, and for him christian liberty was little more than a license to break every basic rule that God had set up for our good. He disposed with the law of God in order to introduce his own arbitrary rules in their stead. Like many idolators before him, Berg saw in himself an exception to every rule in the scripture, and in this Berg was simply blasphemous.

In TFI this started with Berg and it is his legacy that has come to fruition among TFI in general. This is all a sad story, namely because it is nigh impossible for current TFI members to see anything wrong with their spiritism, for no other reason than because the scripture is not their guide, only the mutterings of Peter and Maria carry weight.
In TFI, natural apprehensions and questions, never mind how serious, are downplayed and sought overruled in favour of jumping on the bandwagon and flowing with any and all of the new doctrines introduced, whereas the scripture tells is to ‘search the scriptures daily’ and ‘believe not every spirit but try the spirits…’. But how can they do that if the scripture is not the base?
As was Berg’s practise earlier with the Phoenix, the queen of heaven, Diana and many other gods and godesses, if they were told they now were free to worship and have sexual relationships with Osiris, Isis, Anubis or any of the pagan and mythological Egyptian gods, most TFI members would likely not shrink from it at all.
In TFI apprehensions, doubts, questions about something of the nature of mo-letters or other writings of Peter and Maria have always been viewed as holding something back from God himself, which is such nonsense.

What is mentioned here are but small windows into a long story of spin, subversion and deep brainwashing.

I agree with you that there is no way to settle the past in merely changing over to new tactics, and in ‘forgetting those things which are behind’. Did Paul advocate to go ahead and sin today for tomorrow we may just forget all about it? Did Jesus lie in much that he said in the prophesies they supposedly got from him, now that they have disposed of much of it? Obviously he lied to them quite a bit, for how much of what Jesus said in the scriptures (Bible) has he retracted and abolished now? Nothing, because He does not change what he has once said (Heb. 13:8), ever.
The unadmitted and uncorrected past sins will continue and will corrupt everything they put their hands to in the future.

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