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Posted by Charlie on March 03, 2013 at 10:31:35

In Reply to: Re: YouTube? posted by FH on March 01, 2013 at 05:37:10:

So, in other words, you are saying "Yes" they (the Fam. members) are still believing that he/they, Berg and others, are yaking back and forth between heaven, or wherever, and earth even though in reality they (Berg and others) are NOT?

Whatever the case, again, I've watched some of King Pete's You Tube stuff to free up the members to Follow God for themselves and there's an inner-core connectedness missing. The real grief work isn't getting done and the members will need that to truly Follow God for themselves. And it won't get done until the denouncing of MD the past and all that has gone on doctrinally gets done.

Regarding some of the distant past, it's not enough to say, "Dad made a few little mistakes about the all things tree and dirty, rotten little sinners took it to extremes and hurt you. We're sorry, we should have had a tighter lid on it, and blah, blah".

Were Pete to fully denounce all that past for himself and reach the, "How could I have ever been so blind" truth stage of doing that kind of grief work, then maybe he could legitimately be able to go before the troops via You Tube and lead them to do it for themselves.

They'd be able to stop the sin in the camp parts of their thinking and grow up in a new nurture and admonition to become healthy individuals following God fully capable of standing on their own two feet interdependent of the group, any cult, other people, isms, things and the like. It's a bit of a journey but it can be done. The reward, of course, is 'that your joy might be full!"

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