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Posted by FH on March 06, 2013 at 03:14:34

In Reply to: Re: YouTube? posted by Charlie on March 03, 2013 at 10:31:35:

I just wanted to add that I do not advocate that dead people all just disappear, vanish into thin air and are no more. Obviously there must be a reckoning at some point, and all must answer to whatever we have done. That is what Jesus said. If not it is all meaningless. But I am not clear about when, probably after the second coming.

The TFI doctrine (as well as that of many others) that as soon as someone is dead they float off into the heavenlies, where they basically are turned around and incessantly starts hanging out in the ears of the living is ludicrous and anti Bible.
Nonetheless this fits the ‘dead man speaking’ doctrines of Berg, and as he wanted to he could thus be the somatic reincarnation of a multitude of dead, like he actually said he was the literal reincarnation of the conjured up Abrahim. Of all things, and among other things, in TFI the movie ‘Ghost’ seems to be used as evidence all these dead people hang out all over the place. Berg readily and repeatedly admitted he believed in the hindu doctrine of reincarnation.
So who then was Berg? And what did he really believe? Obviously anything that came into his mystical mind, and anything that he carnally desired and lusted after.

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