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Posted by PB on May 20, 2013 at 11:31:02

In Reply to: Re: My impression of meeting Peter Amsterdam posted by MG on May 19, 2013 at 03:14:49:

Going back to blindly follow stupid and evil ideas may not be there anymore but I am sure there is a strong psychological dependence to the logistic support the organization offers in their new "service" oriented network of non-profit organizations.

I agree that Peter may have a similar dependence on popularity and relevance, and that his role is diminishing. Though he is the only universally recognized head of the beast, the individual units have their own link to their "chain" (fitting terminology) be it email, paper brochures or a phone number, but some benefits must flow down to them. Otherwise, they are liable to eventually go. These talks serve to make them feel still part of something bigger than their localized group.

However, I believe that due to that dependence, a few sold-out disciples from the newer generations continue to feed the beast. Remember that they never care about large numbers but about blind obedience. True that many have left, but not everybody. Those who seek either power, adventure, money, etc. will always be there.

The Family has not been The Family we knew for a long time but the group continues being the same bunch of con men and women pretending to be missionaries and are now posing as social workers and volunteers.

Peter, through his reboot, is merely overseeing that transition until his impending retirement from public eye. He is making sure that the whore appears to be clean and fragrant.

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