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Posted by Jerry on May 27, 2013 at 10:01:40

In Reply to: Re: My impression of meeting Peter Amsterdam posted by PB on May 18, 2013 at 14:19:44:

Peter was not really hippie like, but he was a talker, and playing word games was what elevated people into the comforts of leadership and the power of leadership. As mentioned once, MO wrote that the Lord's leaders were more important than the Lord's money, the leaders started spending on themselves without conscience.... as they deemed themselves worthy of spending the money.

In Bromley, they took my forsake all money, which I gladly gave as I wanted to be a missionary, but when they took my clothes, my parka, my basketball shoes, and all the leaders parted it among themselves and made me, go to 'forsaken forsake all for rags.... it really did bother me, as I was stripped of any kind of normal appearance. IE Wearing old, clothes that just didn;t fit me..

Anyway, I would disagree, slightly as Peter wasn;t exactly a penniless hippie witnessed to at the SQUARE in Amsterdam...... he might have had money...a lot of money I doubt it... but enough to elevate him to leadership quarters.. its possible but improbable. He just fit the image of what leaders wanted in leaders, they wanted sponges that just talked the talk and agreed with them.

Peter hardly has a consicence at this late date, otherwise it would have risen up eons ago. Does he now feel quilty ? Nah, from his videos it sounds more like a disbanding, out of frustration to inspire the troops with another bogus Revolution of no consequence. Peter like Maria, always went along with Mo, and then latter with Maria. Never spoke up, never had an ounce of sympathy for anyone because he felt he was better than them. As mentioned Peter never worked as a disciple, never went witnessing, which means we can conclude that he probably never had the Lord. He never had 'faith' cause he never had to, he went through no trials or needs or wants as all he had to do was obey, comply to Mo, and then Maria. That's the only faith and commandment that leaders follow. Just obey those above them and that freed them to be tyrants to those above them. I just don't see any
apologises or misgivings from Peter, no conscience still from his writings or what he said.

Peter in my opinion is shallow as he even admitted he had no clue about prophecy, even though as leader he should have studied it. Peter was a lame brain and shallow and merely a front man, a con man. Peter is not bright or quick. He has no ideas or solutions and can not get them from the Lord, as he has no connection.

If you differ, do state why, Thanks

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