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Posted by consider the source on November 09, 2013 at 12:14:08

In Reply to: Re: Jesus Babies posted by Lost_Soul14 on November 07, 2013 at 13:25:37:

I'm not aware of any bonafide research with statistics, especially since your question seems specific to ex members who lost contact with children that were taken. Since you posted as lost soul 're: Jesus Babies; the "taken" question could be about a parent who left the family with a kid or kids who had a parent still in the COG/family, and COG/Family arranged taking a child or children from an exer parent. In that case, it wasn't about "Jesus Baby", but cult kidnapping children from the exer parent and disappearing within the international spider web of TFI. There are some documented cases of this. Regarding "Jesus Babies" I am thinking of the many many children born with no idea of who their daddy is or was as during ffing and because of internal doctrines of "sharing" that happened/happens, women were giving birth to babies resulting from prostitution both internal and external where no biological father was determined. The sick thought was that who the father was did not need to be known. Many "fish" (johns) never knew they had a child and many mothers had no way of knowing who the daddy was, so these children were not "taken" by rote of being a Jesus Baby, they were conceived as belonging to Jesus as father since no daddy was identified and/ or never took on daddy role. When uncles and aunties were caring for children, there was not the parental bond so needed by children. I believe Berg and co. purposely orchestrated these doctrines to separate and destroy any healthy sense of nuclear biological family because this cult was birthed by a narcissistic megalomaniac who wanted everything to center around him and his sick needs. Destruction of biological connections was necessary for that agenda so what relations there were, were lightly controlled and separations were necessary in this sick, destructive environment. I would imagine the task of discovering who the daddy was is harder than who and where is the mother in the case where a "sold out" father took a child or children into another relationship and the "weak" (healthy doubt about the family) mother was sent elsewhere or left and then children were hidden from her. This issue runs so deep and is so damaging; to me, I think it is one of the most damaging aspects of the cult and why it is still deviant and destructive because Berg is still idolized and though legal concerns for survival have led to charters and changes that prevent some damages, the cult has never come clean and realized how deviant and destructive their doctrines are/ have been starting with berg and continuing with zerby. Maybe it would be helpful to say more about your specific situation to get answers or an idea of where, how to research what specifically concerns you. For example there is a CQ board here where people give some info that may or may not help them find info about a parent or sibling they have lost contact with, and there are organizations like safe passage (look under resources) that may be helpful. If you post an e-mail address you might get correspondence with further contacts, I don't know, but I wish the best for you if you were a cult "Jesus Baby" trying to find out about your unknown parent, or about finding a parent who you may not even know there legal name and you were separated in childhood. Or maybe you are a parent who left a child behind or were separated from children and it has eaten away at you for years. Maybe you are just curious and researching this subject and you were never in the cult. Being more specific will help.

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