List of known members of The Family International child-abuse cult

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Posted by Call to arms on January 28, 2014 at 03:04:02

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Here is a list of known members and associates of the cult known as The Family International (a.k.a. The Family of Love a.k.a Children of God cult), who are proudly associating themselves with and disseminating the propaganda of the cult, which was responsible for institutionalized pedophilia and child abuse on a scope found by courts to far exceed levels found in normal society, for which the group has skirted responsibilities and blocked legal recourse to victims.

Members of the cult are individually and collectively responsible for such crimes as kidnapping, prostitution, denial of child rights, starvation, cruel and unusual punishment, the forced separation of family units, massive charity fraud, cross-border money-laundering scams, document forgery and identity theft. Several members have already been convicted for their crimes, but many continue to change identities, move from country to country, utilizing jurisdictional limitations to avoid prosecution.

The list comprises members who may or may not have participated in such crimes, but who are openly associating with a known international criminal organization that continues to hide its secretive activities from the public and continues to whitewash its present and past crimes. Their association, membership and financial contributions to this organization facilitates the continued cover-up of its crimes and enables its leaders, who issued directives to commit the above-named crimes, to remain in hiding from the law.

If you spot anyone in this list who is responsible for causing you or others any harm, you can do your own investigative research, track their photos, legal/assumed identities, whereabouts and activities, contact the law and/or write to their employers/sponsors. Keep it legal. Good luck!

Steven Waden
Luis Gerardo Lopez Blanco
Héctor Darío Medina Acevedo
Kadee Lyn Kotter
Stephen Kavanagh
Alvaro Benavides R
Gloria Pérez
George Gubbins Vasquez
Tiago Froes Neto
Elisa Molina
Marjorie R Hawker
Esperanza Del Cielo
Carlos Campos
Rubí Giraldo
Gypsy Red
Hermano Sol
Andrew "Dutch" vaneerden
Kathy "Lovingheart" Albright
Amparo De Jesus Silva Garcia
Steven Halifax
Seamus Barr
Ademir Veronez
Thiago Cunha de Souza
May Mar
Immortal Sam
Daniela Franccesca Vela
Anna Permondo
Sharon Vela
Moses David
Luis Lozano
Philip Johnson
Gata Rimos
Alberto Antonio Conti
Javier Prats
Joan Favor
Frances J. Provencio
Ed Michael Dykas
Mariza Novello
Daniel del Cielo
Debbie Rodgers Harrison
Juan Manzanera
Jorge Heblem Magallanes Trejo
Cesar Rodríguez Hdez
Denise Mass
Eric B Goode
Carolina Conde Murillo
San Roman Maite
Lourdes Wagner
Jaime Solana
Anna Andrew
Christian McCollum
Luis Lozano
Hilda Arispe
Lalo Tuesta
Christian Zambrelli

[This line removed on May 10, 2016 due to disavowed affiliation]

Brigham Nehemias Allen
Brian Tobin
Laura "vitelia" Stewart
Robert Michael Sester
Barbara Rodriguez Clynes
Stephen Clark
Jorge Pablo Ortega Aguayo
Christina Faith
Mariana Mary Khali Pereira
José Rausseo
Principples Kwabena Kissiedu

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