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Posted by humanist on February 27, 2015 at 19:23:08

In Reply to: Re: Two points posted by Peace on February 20, 2015 at 23:34:52:

ido remember filling out a paper that seemed to be more of an information gathering tool. It did ask about parents professions, income etc. I see this paper being more about counting potential assets as we also had classes and some inividual time with leadership instructing how to write home and ask for money for the group. I remember I didn't want anything to do with my parents and getting counseled on how the letter could not be sent, and that I neede to write my parents and tell the I was in a bible college (we had bible classes daily) and I did get something. I was accompanied to Western Union to pick up 100 dollars and I handed it to the leader who took me there to get it. I ( a very green teenager) turned to give it to RichHARD who told me to put it in my pocket and the he asked for it whe we got to the car. For those first years, there was censorship of all outgoing and incoming mail to make sure we didn't write anything that could compromise the group and to use us to bring in money or goods. Also, when a personal package was sent, leadership opened it then told you what you got so you could thank the parents for what they took. Leadership routinely went through homes and if they saw something a lower member had they'd demand to have it whether jewelry, guitar, guitar case, personal items of any sort.

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