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Posted by Hu.anist on November 25, 2015 at 08:40:10

Just curious about personal viewpoints post TF:
I left while still young (30) and I had a lot to discover about who I was. What music I liked, what clothes styles, what political view, how to view relarionships, etc. But I am wondering if any people found themselves going to opposite extremes? I pretty much returned to what my personality was pre-fam, but with time I noticed I have kept political ideology the same as per the family. Some of those could seem similar to Berg but they actually are not at all like Berg. For example: I am pro Palestinian and yet far from being antisemitic. Berg became antisemitic because of his narcissism and Israel's rejection of his kibbutz dream. Then he courted Khaddafi, undoubtedly as a result of that rejection, but I am thinking he must've received some financial compensation when he had FAM members passing out pro Khaddafi pamphlets. Anyway, I am pro Pal for humanitarian reasons and, as I said, I am not antisemitic. I've noticed sometimes people go to opposite extremes. Berg said don't go barefoot, so go barefoot a lot. Berg said Castro was not a bad guy, so be a right wing version of an American patriot. There are just so many examples, but it is possible to have some personal preferences that are the result of being as opposite as possible. What formed your post family identity? Me being pro Pal is not at all like Berg. It is not for his reasons or in his way which changed anyway, anytime there was a rejection of his sordid self.b

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