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Posted by Charlie on December 16, 2015 at 17:04:14

In Reply to: Re: A thought about thoughts posted by Hu.anist on November 25, 2015 at 08:40:10:

Having been such a drug addicted puppy, I joined the Fam to 'lose my life that I might save it'. And I left the Fam to 'lose my life that I might save it' too. Ha! Having done both, and through a long, hard journey of having to sort things out, I landed at a perfect place of peace within. I am who I am! That's my identity now. It was worth the trip(s).

I didn't go to counter extremes in anything after coming out of the Fam as I had done that sort of thing in my teens to mid 20s prior to joining the Fam. I was simply wanting to walk the straight and narrow and serve the Lord, a calling both while in the Fam and after coming out of the Fam.

My take on life now (having done the work to land at that place of perfect peace within and knowing now that if anything is ever going to get done it has to be Him doing it through me) is stay on the straight and narrow and to let my little light shine.

My take on the Palestinians and the Jews is: both have to come to the foot of the cross. My take on their battles is: the battles aren't so much about race and religion, they're about LAND. My take on your take is: I think you're thinking right not to be anti either of them.

Politically, as a Westerner in a capitalist society, I am open to avenues of exploitation as Marx expressed, the deregulation of the US banking system and the crash of 2008 being good examples. Where did the money go but into the hands of the extremely wealthy. The society that I dropped out of to join the Fam and help create a new and better one (so I thought) taxes me to death too, although it spends a lot of it on social programs that I find beneficial (universal health care and defense to name two) but spends itself to death and borrows billions and trillions to do the spending with - not a good way to manage a business, the country being a business, really. How in the world will the US ever get out of debt? Sell Guam or Alaska or Hawaii? Har! Har! So why am I being forced to pay mandatory taxes to a society that does things like that? And now I'm finding out that it's gambling my pension fund on the stock market just like the US did and I already know how that's going to end up. But while in the Fam I was open to exploitation too - mandatory tithing, mandatory home rules, mandatory 'get the victory or get out/do this or you're out', grueling Victory Camp types of things etc.

So of the two which is the better society? Well, actually, I'm not called to drop out and through fear of persecution and a lack of faith hide my light under a bushel and be a deceiver and think I'm being true, all the while bilking society and 'shining my light' as in what seems to be the Family's case still. I'm called to stay dropped in and through faith let my little light shine and expect persecution while doing it.

In short, I have been in both world's but am not of either, really. I found my post Fam identity through self help books and these boards, needing desperately to get the Family out of me even though I, myself, was out of the Family. I didn't need to go to any opposites of any kind other than to dismantle some of my Family ways. I sometimes miss the fun and the fellowship that I enjoyed while in the Fam but can't for a minute believe in what they believe in any more.

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