It's also ok to be "selfish"

Posted by Acheick on November 11, 2002 at 04:11:34

In Reply to: The "Perfectionist" model of the "Super Christian" posted by MV on November 11, 2002 at 01:15:47:

That was a great post. Yes, I can relate - it's so true. I also learned that it's ok to be selfish. Remember how selfishness was the "s" word - the major no-no? I read someone who said that everyone is a little bit selfish and that we have to be or we'd just give everything away and no one would get anywhere. Being somewhat selfish is a part of human nature and a very necessary part. It's impossible to be that totally selfless type of person that Berg said we were supposed to be. Of course, there is a balance, it's not good to be an egonmaniac either and never take anyone's feelings into consideration or care about anyone other than yourself. But to go to the other extreme and supposedly give away your wife, your family, your house, the clothes on your back, your self-esteem, everything you have is idiocy and simply not possible without driving someone mad (just look at us!). We were supposed to be patterning ourselves after Christ - I finally decided I'm not Jesus Christ and I'm only human, and there's no way of attaining that perfection. I realized that all God wants is us to do things because it's our duty not because we're trying to attain some sort of selfless state. And first we have to take care of ourselves and our family, that's part of our duty. It's called responsibility. Ironic how because of Berg's upside down dogma of selflessness we ended up neglecting our real responsibilities.