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From Mercy's Story, in the articles section, about an incident in March, 1974:

"I do not remember now the exact details of her article, but when it hit the newsstands, it was not in favor of our group and did not put us in a good light.* In fact, it was very damaging. We got together and decided to put a retraction in the next issue of the Bangkok Post, which we did, defending ourselves and criticizing her for her negative viewpoint. I do not remember the date exactly, but not long after the retraction came out, she was found murdered in her bedroom.

"* (Editor's note: The article was the Post's Sunday magazine of March 24, 1974, titled: "THEY CALL THEMSELVES CHILDREN OF GOD, BUT THEY PREACH HATE." The article began, 'Sheltered by a camouflage of religious righteousness, the Children of God is really a parasitic cult of Bible-pounding automatons. Their theology teaches fanaticism, and their dogma preaches hate.'

"(Editor's note: see our Articles section - outsiders on COG - "Murder Most Foul" article by OUI Magazine)

"Prime Suspects

"We were immediately placed under surveillance as prime suspects in the case and my husband, being the overseer or leader of the country, was chosen as the representative for the group. He was taken down to police headquarters for questioning on quite a few occasions. Of course, this just fell into our line of reasoning that the devil was fighting our wonderful work for the Lord, but because we had God on our side, we would remain victorious. Therefore, my husband would pose for the newspapermen and cameramen with a big smile on his face and show off his yoke which he wore around his neck. This yoke was something that was worn in the early days of the group as it signified our yoke of love to Jesus, that we were willingly his slaves of love. We all figured it was a great witnessing opportunity. However, we remained oblivious to the gravity of the situation, so confident in our faith in our Lord and His work.

"Many years later my mother was to confide in me that during her visit, which was sometime around the course of these events, she overheard a conversation between my husband and Horeb, the Vietnam Vet. Horeb was pitifully crying and saying how he "had to do it" and my husband was apparently trying to comfort him and saying that everything was ok, they would take care of it. The next day he was sent off to a far-flung colony on the outskirts of the country. My mother had a strange feeling it had something to do with the murder, but she never said anything.

"We, of course, heard the theory that this newswoman was also covering other sensitive stories and had garnered quite a few enemies, not just us. Obviously, we reasoned, it must have been
one of her other enemies. However, we were under suspicion not only because of her news article, but because of the nature of the crime and the circumstances surrounding the murder. For example, she had been stabbed in the shape of a cross. A "falong" had obviously entered her room because he had not taken his shoes off. Her typewriter was found outside, thrown into the bushes, as if to say she will never write another bad article. We believed we were set up to look like the murderers so as to cover for someone else. We were eventually able to convince the police commissioner of this and were taken off the list of suspects. The murderer was never found and the murder never solved. "

There is also a very interesting discussion about "Would Family members kill if Berg told them to?" in the archive # 006 of genX

If I may add, TF does have blood on its hands. Everytime someone died from not getting proper medical treatment because they they were supposed to have enough faith for their healing; everytime they deceived others and took money that was intended for genuine charity and used it for themselves (a couple of bucks can save a life, in the hands of bona fide charity workers); everytime they drove someone to suicide; everytime they made some disciple's parents shocked with grief to the point of illness and death; everytime it created the conditions which directly or indirectly led up to people dying an unnatural death.