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Posted by Dad Speaking from the Grave on October 24, 2008 at 20:26:42

In Reply to: Re: How about that Colin Powell endorsement of Obama? posted by sawyer on October 22, 2008 at 15:52:31:

Maria, you need to tell The Family to vote for Obama. This is America’s last chance. Tell everyone they need to work with him, like when we worked with Godaffi, when I thought he was the Antichrist? Obama can help to bring down Israel especially when he works with Ahmadinejad. What a great Muslim! Also good is Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright. The world thinks that he is no longer Obama’s pastor, but I truly believe, this new savior for America has read and lives what I wrote in Deceivers Yet True.

Jeremiah Wright a man after my own heart who took the words straight out of this drunk prophet’s mouth when he declared not God bless Amerika, but God damn Amerika. It made my dead legs shake.

It’s about time Amerika had a leader that can take the money from the rich and give to the poor, just like the Christian Communism of the early church.

(Strong Tongues and Grunting) “This is one who is greater than all the Kennedy’s and will bring what Amerika needs with the redistribution of wealth!” What I said so many years ago now has a fulfillment in “The One”, Barrack Hussein Obama.
All the way back when I wrote of Kennedy I said, “FDR WAS THE ONE WHO FOR THE FIRST TIME AFTER WORLD WAR I INSISTED UPON RECOGNISING THE COMMUNISTS UPON HIS ELECTION. So Kennedy was a great admirer of his--in fact the whole Kennedy family. I believe that's why Robert was shot too, because I believe he would have won the election. I think he would have been even more liberal than his brother. I don't think he was as strong a personality, but he certainly was a friend of the youth and a socialist as well as John Kennedy.”

I guess I was wrong when I said, “AMERICA HAD ITS LAST CHANCE IN THE YOUTH REVOLUTION FOR JESUS AND MCGOVERN but the American fascists drove out the one and crushed the other and they've snuffed out the last lights in America! In the time America has left she'll remain in darkness till she's destroyed. She rejected her final salvation.” (See how I used “the one” in 1973, and now in 2008 Obama is the Real One!) The old dead, drunk prophet still has it.

THANK GOD HE AT LEAST SAVED SOME OF HER YOUTH who were worthy--through us, the Children of God! (The Family International)--Hallelujah!--And we have gone on to save the world! (And now even more with The One.)

ARE YOU WITH US?--O why will ye die?--Save yourselves from this untoward generation of vipers who would destroy the Earth!--Join us! God help you to vote for Obama and real change!

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