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Posted by Jesus speaking on October 28, 2008 at 02:10:57

In Reply to: Re: Vote for Obama posted by Dad Speaking from the Grave on October 24, 2008 at 20:26:42:

Palin prays: "hobbildy gobblidy, shobbita shibbita, oh Jesus, thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus, please guide my steps and let me know when it's okay to nuke 'em Lord. It's the end time anyway and I believe in your plan for me Jesus. Thank you for the opportunity lord, to make these executive duhcisions for you, in order to hasten your return. Those evil demoncrats, youbetcha, are trying to steal from the rich Lord. I thank you Jesus that I, as your servant, am spared my own pocketbook thanks mainly to Joe Six pe-yuck, and that you could buy me new shoes using the many Joes that are at your service for your new queen. Please protect the little products of incest in the womb tonight lord. And forgive the father rapists for they know not what they do. Oh all life is so precious when it is not born here, yet, yaknow, here on the earth Jesus.."

Maria and Peter on conference call with Jesus:

Peter: "Well praise the Lord. We may finally be able to come out from our underground status. Now that we have fully embraced rags to riches, Jesus we know that you want to bless us while you &&&k us. We know you just want to &&&K the whole world and who could &&&k it up better?"

Jesus speaking: "That's right Peter. Though my godly servants palin and mccain may not fully understand the law of liberty when it is all within the family, they do know how to &&&k things up. They will protect you. They don't want the government interfering with religion and they know that the skies are red, red with commie warning and black black with Obama clouds gathering for the great confusion.."

Maria: " I was just thinking that Jesus! Praise you Lord and &&&k me now."

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