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Posted by sawyer on November 05, 2008 at 19:35:02

In Reply to: Re: Losing graciously posted by CB on November 05, 2008 at 17:08:06:

I'm not in the mood to argue over the details, but suffice it to say that the shenanigans of ACORN (a federally funded org), and the extreme bias of the media in all regards (particularly vicious in respect to Palin), which was acknowledged by several watchdog groups, has soured many. But do you really think that the media will focus on any of that? Did anyone other than Fox report on the Black Panthers (one holding a nightstick) standing outside of at least one precinct in Pennsylvania?

Do you really believe that dirty tricks are only practiced by Republicans? As for hanging chads, that was not a partisan problem, nor was it a conspiracy to negate anyone's vote. In short it was a poorly designed ballot - not one of victimization. Do we easily forget the way that the Democrats tried desperately to restrict and even eliminate our military absentee ballots?
Yada yada....let it rest.

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