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Posted by Farmer on November 06, 2008 at 12:41:22

In Reply to: Re: Yes posted by CB on November 05, 2008 at 22:28:44:

Plenty, what matters to me...may be too much.I think Germany is too tiny to concentrate only on that, plus after 1000kms north to south you're leaving the nation...ok the Baltic nations & Israel are much smaller also the Netherlands...that's where Europe is "charming" in it's diversity, which might be even much more so to be in the US...

The problem with matter where I tune into, I wonder, which source to believe in the final analysis...fact is often only that president so und so landed in such and such country.But what Bush really spoke with Medwedjew about can be interpolated/interpreted between the lines .
On some boards you find, that it also has to do with Russian foreign investments...huge petro-dollars etc.

At some point I am not tuning in so much anymore, because it gets too much information...but I'd say, there are so many good online newspapers or news, that it should be "no problem" to get some more details.

The whole missile thing is strange to me...the last problem we had here was about the Pershing missiles & I still was in our neighbours got that problem & I guess the Poles wanted to be good allies, so they opted for it & hoping something in return.I can't really see that logic, that Iran should be the threat, may be?
If anything, they're eyeing Israel, but if they had missiles capable of really targetting (hitting
precisely) Europe, then that would be a point of blackmailing, may be...but why Poland etc.? It's so much northern & eastern...may be nobody else wanted it/the missiles,I think that was may be a problem??

I am rather seeing this "climate" change between Russia &'s widely accepted here in the media, that also the president of Georgia (US-educated) made mistakes, kind of started the crisis & I can understand the Russians blaming the west of doublestandard, meaning the Kosovo & how the west rushed to it's acknowledgement.If the majority in Southossetia etc. is predominantly of Russian descendants or favouring Russia, you will have discontentment in your ranks/Georgia...

Many analyst never cease to point out: where does a pipeline run or what are the natural resources of a country & usually you get then a clue, what the conflict could be all about.

May be you followed the echo of the russian government to the election in the was painfully lame.It was almost unbelievable, I think they didn't even mention Obama by name, if I got that right & in big contrast to the "elation" in other nations, even in Arab nations to some extent.I thought, after (all) the whites made such a mess worldwide, they figure, one black candidate can't do much more harm...I wonder, if the task is not too huge for Obama.

Many folks then zero in on the counsellors he's
surrounded with, basically stemming from the Clinton era.Let's see...I don't think he's entirely a darker skinned puppet, but I wonder how much leeway he's really got.I am just happy for the fact, that so many formerly oppressed blacks are just see them happy makes me happy.I really think McCain was a very decent looser...he has my general he seems to be a real warmhearted guy...warmer IMO at times then even Obama, who is kind of "whitish" rationally cool...nevertheless, it's a splendid day for all the coloured people & they are the majority.

One more thing about Georgia...about the oilpipeline you probably know & then, well the Russians are back in "their" territory, which was actually formerly part of all these
observers from different countries(Europe etc.) roam around, making sure, the Russians at least stay, where they promised to stay.Chancellor Merkel (fluent in Russian, having been raised in formerly eastern Germany)made this bold statement once, that the Southossetia & the other one are still integral part of Georgia...too bad Russia went ahead & accepted their self-announced independance, which is the Kosovo-agenda in reverse so to speak.

I guess what Russia doesn't appreciate is this constantly getting circled and entrenched...which is probably chewing up their pride , having once been this huge state-conglomerate and now loosing one after the other either to independance (if there were such thing) or to the former (or still?!) enemy...& that's where finally or sooner or later Biblical prophecy steps in with me.

The trouble for Israel in the end comes clearly from the north & I hardly know any interpretaion which has not Ez.38 & all the rest linked somehow with the old Roman Empire, in boundaries pretty much, again on the "move".

It's not very long ago in history, that Germany was called officially the holy roman empire of German nature and that we had to learn in school.

Now all the Europe-opposers are cheering the Irish for having not signed the Lisbon-treaty...cause Europe needs/wants a constituition...but few people/Europeans could actually vote for it Germany the parliament "did it for us"

Just keep your eyes open for nations , who are bankrupt already: Iceland of all things...the Ukraine close to it, also Argentina they are naming & whoever else could follow.

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