Re: Obama: Muslim ?Christian?...none of it?

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Posted by Farmer on February 25, 2009 at 08:25:54

In Reply to: Re: Obama: Muslim ?Christian?...none of it? posted by CB on February 22, 2009 at 18:35:12:

On the spiritual plain I should primarily be bothered about my own walk with the Lord...or my following afar of.I asked Jesus to come into my heart for forgivness, 33 years ago...much later I got baptised after I left TF...still I know what a failure I was/am...

If there is any Saviour, Son of God, Messiah I believe it Jesus Christ to be...and I should be able to confess Him before others & not negate everything He did & said with my deads &'s a problem of yieldedness...

So I can say things about myself & can make observations about others, how they "solve" their existential problems/questions. I believe Obama to be a very sincere, concerned person, a good father and a promising president.

I didn't have time to inform myself much more about his faith...however the interview with Cathleen Falsani seems to be the crucial one.I believe in the status quo...the seperation of church and government & I find it difficult to be a Christian at such top position...that's just my

This is basically the crucial question for everyone: What think ye of Christ (Mt 22:42)
I am quite amazed at how much C.Falsani was grilling the then senator...

Whether Obama's slip of the tongue was kind of a Freudian lapsus I am not 100% sure...however his answer to Falsani what Jesus was for him is not really 100% on par with evangelical expectations I would venture to say.Just my unimportant opinion.

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