Please dont mutilate my language

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Posted by on July 09, 2009 at 23:38:00

In Reply to: Re: Welcome to Soapbox posted by Coordinator on October 02, 2008 at 12:25:23:

To the author of the following piece of fiction

When attempting to create a fictional document in French you may consider the following guidelines.

a)Learn French
b)Learn to spell/type (I just can't figure out if they are typo's or spelling mistakes)

While i have to qualms whatsoever with discrediting The Family/Children of God the use of such badly made, or indeed ANY fabrications is counter-productive, and only serves as evidence to discredit those with genuine claims or greviances.

Any Person with even so much as a basic grasp of the french language will easily note the many errors contained in your document. (ex: spelling mistakes, incorrect conjugation and gender use, complete omission of accents ex. é, è, à, etc..., incorrect use of words, and incorrect sentence structure) Is is clear that the "French" version was "translated" from the English version rather than the other way around. This is demonstrated by many of the terms in your document making sense in English but none at all in French. The most glaring example to this is the title of the document. while in english "Cult justice" could well fit the instance of a cult receiving its due, your litteral translations of "justice-secte" would rather describe a cult determined to uphold justice.
Also using the name of the General prosecutor of Monaco as your fictional "assistant DA" is not exactly a smart move. For your information Monaco has its own judicial system which makes your error akin to naming Nicolas Sarkozy as the British prime minister.
Also your reference to the 1993-2000 case is incorrect in that while you state the charges were "dropped" on "insufficient" charges. In reality the case, as well as the appeal lodged by the UNADFI were DISMISSED for having been unable to turn up ANY concrete evidence over the span of several years.
While the outcome of the 1993-2000 case is embarassing for the anti-COG community, attempting to doctor the facts will only increase the shame and damage our credibility.

Once again please realise the damage that articles such as yours will do to the vast majority of those of us who do have genuine articles to present.


If you would like me to point out the specific instances of the errors please feel free to email me.

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