I like Pelosi.

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Posted by MG on May 21, 2010 at 02:27:22

In Reply to: Re: It's still insulting, it's still old thinking posted by Pastor Don on May 19, 2010 at 21:59:27:

Haven't you gone after Pelosi before? If not, it not a suprise as she's considered to be a far-left liberal by the conservative evangelical Christian right wing and is one of their favorite targets, e.g. among other things on his show Glen Beck joked about putting poison in her wine.

The fact is there are a lot of things about Nancy Pelosi that should get her some support from the Christian right. She's had only one husband, she's still married to him, for nearly 50 years now, she has 5 children ...a real example of what a family values person is. In contrast to the many conservative politicians who campaign on family values but who get caught having affairs and cheating on their wives. Of course lots of Dems have been caught with their pants down too, the most famous of course was dear old Bill ...but these Dems haven't gone out of their way to get votes from the Christian right in campaigning for the values of the family, marriage, heterosuality, etc. A guy that gets elected because he campaigned on that is of course going to get called out for it when he doesn't live up to it in his personal life. The latest hypocrite to get caught ...Mark Souder a Republican congressman who's been a 110% Christian family values politician. In Congress he devoted himself to abstinence only sex education, etc. He just resigned because of an affair with a staffer who actually worked with him to make video interviews on his abstinance only positions to be taught in sex-ed classes in public schools. Ironic.

Anyway the fact that Pelosi has been a good mom doesn't mean anything with the conservative Christian right because she's pro-choice and supports Wade vs Roe.

But as an unabashed liberal and humanist, I'm a Pelosi fan ...she's savvy ...she rocks ...go get 'em Nancy.

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