Re: It's still insulting, it's still old thinking

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Posted by Pastor Don on May 19, 2010 at 21:59:27

In Reply to: Re: It's still insulting, it's still old thinking posted by Musician on May 19, 2010 at 09:51:10:

If you feel insulted forgive me. I meant no insult to musicians, artists etc. I do have a beef with Queen Nancy Pelosi. It seems she wants to decide along with others how and where hard earned tax dollars, from hard working people should go. Not to say that musicians do not work hard I'm sure they do especially ewrning a living doing it. At one time I along with people in the youth group at church started a band. It took work and time, which unfortunaely there wasn't a lot of. We would have been playing "church music" which I would still like a definition of. I could feel insulted by your attitude toward "Church Music" and things of the church. In some ways I felt it was a "familyism" like the word "churchy" whatever that meant. Seems a bit old pouring church people in a mold. For me there is no such thing as church people, but people who go to church. Before all that I am a Christ follower doing my best to be of service. Again meant no insult, I'm a musician myself.
I do have a close friend that is an awesome musician, songwriter, etc. She is trying to make inroads in the music business. She is also an RN a wife and a mother of 3 children. I'm sure she doesn't feel that others should be obligated to pay taxes to support her in her encounters in music. By the way, she is also involved in the music ministry in her church very deeply. She actually wrote the music and script, designed costumes for an Easter Musical. An incredible talent!

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